Further exploration of the craft beer scene


I have updated my useful and highly-regarded Istanbul Craft Beer Bar Hitlist with the following entries. It’s a tough job sometimes.

Taproom, Nişantaşi

Milli Reasürans Çarşısı D:12, Nişantaşı

Visiting Taproom, in an arcade off Teşvikiye Cd. in the upmarket Nişantaşı neighbourhood, was a disappointment as I had been hoping for a relatively local outpost of good-quality beer-supping. It’s a small bar, open to the arcade, and without a great deal of atmosphere. They are supposed to have a selection of draft beers brewed by Taps available (this is an offshoot of the Taps Bebek brewhouse), but only had pilsner. As we were sitting with our beers, we noticed kegs of Tuborg being carried behind the bar, so presumably they’re not even selling their own beers anymore. They did have a small selection of bottles of expensive imported craft beers.


Moda Caddesi No. 60, Kadıköy

Ayı means ‘bear’, which brings to my mind an image of burly gay men, but I believe this is not the intended effect. Instead, you should think of an ursine- and wood-themed bar, quite trendy, with a decent selection of bottled beers and Weihenstephan on draft. It’s definitely a bar worth checking out if you’re on the Asian side of the city.


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