Something for the weekend?


Spotted in my local Carrefour:


A bottle of The Singleton for only 125TL. That’s £32, or $48 at current exchange rates.

This is pretty decent value for Turkey, where imported spirits can be pricey. You can even see in this photo that Talisker 10 Year Old is twice as expensive at 250TL/£64/$96, and Lagavulin is an eye-watering 320TL.

The Singleton isn’t the super-sexiest of single malts in terms of marketing, but it’s a good quality, pleasant example of the Dufftown style, so I may well have to rescue a bottle of this for regular dramming purposes.


The perfect whiskey glass?



Recently there was a little stir on Turkish social media, after people noticed that an enterprising American company has developed and brought to market the “the perfect whiskey glass”. Cardinal Spirits tell us that the glass is the one to “best express the nose and taste of a fine whiskey” and is “logical, comfortable, and reasonably priced” at a mere $25 for a pair. The discovery of this glass is the result of years of research carried out in Scotland, and the conclusion is backed up by several hundred words of scientific analysis… most of which is errant nonsense. For example, it’s apparently impossible to accurately nose a spirit with an alcohol content of over 43%, which is simply not true based on my own personal experience of sampling cask-strength spirits, and there is also a claim that serious tasters use two glasses, one for nosing and one for tasting. Again, this is simply not true and actually a bit ridiculous.

Cardinal Spirits make the final point that the glass feels good in the hand, which is actually fair enough, and this is where 70 million Turks would also be hard pressed to disagree. Turkish-based readers of this blog, and people who have visited Turkey, will immediately recognise the glass as being the slender-waisted traditional Turkish tea glass which is ubiquitous in the homes, cafes, restaurants and workplaces of this tea-guzzling nation. You will generally find yourself with one of these nestled in your fingers several times a day, and they are certainly comfortable enough. The main reason that this offering has attracted attention here though is the fact that you can buy one of these glasses from a reputable shop for less than a dollar, and the entrepreneurial spirits at Cardinal are selling them for $25 for a pair. Now that is a great mark-up!